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Brazilian Earrings

Those earings are very unique, the designer only make a few pieces of each style and we are the only place you can fin them in the US.

The Jewelry are handmade with Gold plated and they used Brazilian stones, crystals and all colors Quartz. Enjoy it! 


    All sales are final and we DO NOT accept returns.


    We ship the Jewelry to all the US, your poduct will be shipped with 1-2 business day after the day you purchased. The shippiment is FREE.

    We also ship outside of US but e will charge a shippment  fee.

  • Care Instructions

    Thank you for purchasing your very special Brazilian Jewelry with us!

    Here are some instructions on how to keep your jewelry in good shape for a long time.

    -Do NOT apply any perfume or lotion on your jewelry.

    -Do NOT clean your jewelry with any products! A clean, soft cloth is the only thing that’s is recommended.

    -When packing your jewelry make sure to put it in a individual box.

    The jewelry are gold plated with beautiful Brazilian stones.

    Enjoy it.

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