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LUXE Mani & Pedi Regular Polish


The Luxury Mani & Pedi starts by wrapping your hands and feet in a aromatherapy scented, sanitized HOT towel, (no more dirty tubs, we are an infection and fungus free spa) we will then clip/ shape your nails, and apply a cuticle softener and push back and really pay a lot of attention to your cuticles (Brazilian style). We will also take care of your callous, followed by a foot and hand orange sea salt scrub (house made), we will then wrap your hands and feet in HOT towel and finish applying our house made Vanilla buttercream.  Both are finished off with our OPI gel polish which lasts 2 weeks.

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    We ship the gift cards to all the US states and internationally. We will ship your gift card  within 1-2 business day after the purchase has been made. The shipment within the US is FREE, we will charge standard shipping rates for international destinations.