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The Coffee Scrub


I spent thousand of dollars trying to get rid of my cellulite and nothing ever worked. 

I also did a 6 month cleanse without any kind of processed sugar and zero alcohol. Somehow it was still there! I got on a bodybuilding diet and I was eating very lean and healthy and there they were! 

After trying lots of products, diets and treatments, and spending a small fortune, I decided to use my body as a experiment and try something new. 

When I first developed the Coffee Scrub and put it on my skin, I knew that was it! Trust me you will feel the same. 


That Scrub will leave your skin very soft and will activate circulation in the area. 

Pure and high quality coffee when mixed with the right ingredients works like a magic cellulite eraser! It’s a very high antioxidant Scrub. I could not believe when I saw the results myself in the mirror one month after using that scrub 3 times a week. 

This product will leave your skin thicker and younger. 


How to use:

For each area affected, you will massage that area for 5 minutes, up and down and in circular motions. After that, move to the next area until you are all done. Your skin will turn light or dark red and will get very warm,this is normal. This means the blood is circulating in that area which will help the coffee to penetrate your skin and break down all the fat. 

Rinse off and repeat 3 times a week, giving your skin a 1 day break between treatments. 



Coffee, olive oil, coconut oil , Brazilian spices and MUCH PASSION! 

1 Container is 12oz!

Enjoy it!


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